Prompt Number Five

We are on the road. We are in the lead! We are up in the air. We are down on the trail. We are in Rudersberg.
“The Awesome Earworms” is here!
Go to this link:
Did I mention that our caravan is the one over to the left?
Now, tell us in a poem about speed, well, driving, driving fast – something that makes us feel that our adrenalin runs high.

Prompt Number Four!

“The Brothers Dragonosaurus” is inviting us to a costume party!
Scroll down and find five pictures under the headline, The pictures are under “Introducing The Brighter Light”. On two of these there are the boys in great outfit.
Go to
I didn’t know that you could be dressed up like a dinosaur.
Now, tell us in a poem how you like to be dressed up or about a fancy dress outfit of yours or you might write about your favorite clothes.