Hello teams!

Please go to Prompt Number Eight and read Pearl’s comment and my reply and if you have time to comment, it would be just great. Creating prompts is not new to me but creating a challenge like this is new so your feedback here is important to me.

2 thoughts on “Hello teams!

  1. Andrea – I’ve had the flu, plus some computer crashes – add to that planning my mother’s memorial and you have one dizzy, behind with everything poet-person. And going off on a tangent doing things that don’t need doing (like investigating that Bible …) is just craziness that I don’t have time for, at least right now, and have no idea why I start …In any case, I am behind in my poems with my team but will get caught up – I’m pretty confident. And I think your prompts have been wonderful. Fun to write to and interesting to read everyone else’s as well. So – just keep doing what you’re doing as far as I’m concerned … Peace and Happy New Year, Sharon

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