6 thoughts on “Prompt Number Seven

  1. OK. Regarding Pearl’s comment on Prompt 8…now I see what she means. This prompt could have been posted in the post instead of in the comments. That would be clearer for any children who are not used to navigating on a blog. But then you don’t get any hits, right?

    Why not have everyone post “I’ve seen the prompt” in the comments section once they’ve read it. That way the prompt is easy to read and you still get a hit each time?

  2. Hi- I am completely confused. My comment referred to the fact that Prompts 1, 2, 3, 4,5, &6 appeared with a link below them on the opening page. I think this challenge has been both adorable and enjoyable. As far as hits go – I know that I have been posting AS EXPLAINED BY ANDREA AND INA in the original instructions on the NOTICE BOARD as well as on the blog I created for my young team-mates.

    I thought that others were commenting on the NOTICE BOARD as we were instructed. Is that no longer happening? Mhmmm. Again – I did not mean my comments to in any way disparage either the lovely challenge or to limit hits to InOurBooks.com (doesn’t the blog get hits when the teams open the blog to get to the prompts? – hits are not my area of expertise).

    Anyhow, my comment meant to reflect a change in the way the prompts were appearing from the beginning of the challenge – I know my team-mates have been delighted with the interaction and seeing their poems and the poems of others ON THE NOTICE BOARD.

    Have a great evening and looking forward to more prompts and poems!

  3. Hi Pearl, Ina here. Yes, we’re all supposed to be posting in the Notice Board, which organizes our poems better than the comments here. The problem is that some people bypass the blog to go straight to the notice board which, for stupid technological reasons, doesn’t register these as “visits” to the blog. I’m seeing what I can do to get this fixed; in the meantime, please continue to post your lovely poems on the notice board. You’ll notice that I haven’t posted ours – I think Kash is kind of overwhelmed by the pretty hair in the picture (“Mommy, you have pretty hair. It’s not as pretty as theirs though.”)

  4. Then I guess I was the one confused about what was meant by the comment.

    I always come to the blog to read the post, discuss with my daughter, write, then post in the forum (notice board). I also have commented on others poems on their group page on the notice board. If I do anything the wrong way, just send me a personal message about it. I can be a bit dense sometimes when on the computer because it is usually late at night.

    • Linda, the way you navigate is just right and please continue to do so. And yes, I also think that it looks like you’re creating a children’s poetry book. Thanks for your comments.

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