Prompt Number Five

We are on the road. We are in the lead! We are up in the air. We are down on the trail. We are in Rudersberg.
“The Awesome Earworms” is here!
Go to this link:
Did I mention that our caravan is the one over to the left?
Now, tell us in a poem about speed, well, driving, driving fast – something that makes us feel that our adrenalin runs high.


6 thoughts on “Prompt Number Five

  1. Hopefully you’re glad that the prompt felt like a surprise for you – I love it when I get a prompt which feels like a surprise. When I created the prompts, I had some key words for what I thought would be a good foundation for a dialogue between a child and an adult.
    So I wrote all those words down and went searching on your websites and blogs. And since my original words involve our senses and emotions seen from very different angles — and you don’t need to write in any specific form, I guess that you will end up with a collection of poems describing you, your team, as the center of the world.
    I am so glad that people sent links about places where they live so we can go there and study. But when we write poetry here, I feel we are kind of one big family.

  2. Yeah!!! Sidecars! 🙂 I love this prompt, Andrea

    The Motorcross track is only a 15 minute drive from our house. We’ve been there many times to watch the races. In fact, one of our neighbors and an old co-worker of my husband used to compete in these sidecar races (though not on the same time and not at the same time). The video is from the upper end of the course. There are some wicked turns and jumps at the opposite end of the track as well.

    I’ve taken pictures while watching. In fact, one of them was published in a literary journal (Microw) about a year a go. For some reason I can’t get a direct link up but if you go to Dorothee Lang’s blog (info for link below) she has a link (in red ink it says MICROW 6: transport) I also have 4 other photos in it (boats, regatta, train).

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