2 thoughts on “Prompt Number Sixteen

  1. Go to Google Earth and if you haven’t got it on your computer – then you can get it here.

    Now travel to one of the places listed on the directory of the teams – https://inourbooks.com/2013/01/12/a-directory-of-our-teams/#comments
    – and maximize the image until you get some small pictures you can press to get an impression of the location.
    Now write “a hello poem” or “a goodbye poem” inspired by the picture you found on Google Earth.

  2. Hi there! This is the tallest member of the Sparkly Snowflakes – I just finished posting all the finished poems 1-16 on our blog – they also appear here on this message board but are not in order. It is getting late – I had hoped to enter each poem and accompanying picture here on our thread and I will try to do so… Just in case I “melt” before this gets done – I wanted to say on behalf of myself and my team THE SPARKLY SNOWFLAKES – that we have had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting so many of you, your homes and your many interests. Thank you to Ms. Andrea and Ms. Ina for a wonderful month of fun creating together! Our website is:


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