A directory of our teams

ChildAdultSunWe’re having a lovely time here with Andrea’s Brighter Light challenge. For those of you on a team or who have been following along, we’ve created a directory of all the teams (I’ve added links that teams have suggested that show something about where they’re from; if you’ve given me a link to your team’s blog, I’ve posted that as well). You can search this directory at any time to remind yourself about who is on a given team and where they hail from.

Oh, and challenge participants: if there’s a link I missed or you’d like to add, just let me know. Also, there’s a copy pinned to the Notice Board so you can remind yourself about any of the teams at any time ~ ina

Brighter Light teams

1. The Seasons
Ina and son Kash
San Francisco Area, California, US

2. Sunshine Elves
Amanda and daughter
Queensland, Australia

3. The Yellow Ninjas
Mariya and daughter Silviya
Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria


4. The Brothers Dragonosaurus
Sharon and her two grandsons (J-JAR 1.5 and J-JAR 3.5)
Alberta, Canada

5. The Awesome Earworms.
Linda H and her daughter
the Rems-Murr-Kreis in Germany

6. The Erie Dearies
Marie Elena and her granddaughter Sophie
Lake Erie area, Toledo, OH

7. Icicles
Guðríður and her son Þorlákur
From Akureyri in northern Iceland

8. The Sparkly Snowflakes
Pearl and her grand girls (!) Halle Lynn and Rori Cate
Lido Beach, New York and Newton, Massachusetts, US


9. The Chain Letters
JLynn, her son and many other helper-elves!
Chain O’Lakes area, Illinois, US

10. Alabama Tarheels
Nancy and Alyssea
Hickory, North Carolina and Florence, Alabama; USA

11. The Vikings
Søs and Ingrid
From Denmark


12. Pragon
Claudette and Sidse
Northern Rocky Mountains, US and Sejer Island, Denmark



13. The Northstar Wolves
Michele and her daughters Mikayla and Samantha
Minnesota, US

14. Queen Flower and the Princesses Sugar
Jacqueline and her two daughters
Phoenix, Arizona, USA



15. The Poetry Writers

Barbara and her student Raybert

Stamford, CT, US

Beautiful Stamford (Google Image Search)

Parent and child of elephas namadicus


21 thoughts on “A directory of our teams

    • Hi Candace,
      1)This is a poetry challenge where people write poems once a day; it’s an international challenge, and we’re each writing about the places each person comes from.
      2) The point of most blogs is connecting with other people who blog. It’s a public forum and most people enjoy having new people come and read their blog. And generally speaking, it “drives traffic” – more and more people come to read what you write or see what you photograph (some people who prefer that only people they know read their blog often blog on Notes in Facebook or on LiveJournal, or they password protect their blog).
      3) The person who linked to your blog is NOT pretending it’s theirs – we asked people to send us links to pictures they liked of areas they live in. She thought your pictures were beautiful, as did many of us.

      However, since you seem to object to the idea that your blog is being linked to, I will remove the link.
      Good luck with your blogging, and thank you so much for visiting our blog!
      Ina, one of the writers at InOurBooks

      • I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound rude, I just didn’t understand what this was. I’m flattered she liked my photos. I do connect with other people who blog all the time but I have also had some unfortunate experiences where my photos have been misappropriated. Sorry for the misunderstanding. You can put the link back, if you want.

      • Candace, I put your link back. I do understand why Jacqueline wanted your blog to describe her place. Thank you very much.

      • Candace, thank you for your response and your permission to use the link. The photos are very beautiful and it’s nice to see the things Jacqueline (the contestant who linked to them) gets to see regularly. Thanks again – Ina

  1. Thank you for this Andrea – it’s nice to have a comprehensive list of the team names and where everyone is from .. makes it easier to visualize them when I plan my round-the-world trip!

  2. Hi Andrea – Not sure why but the Sparkly Snowflakes address is going to the blog but not to a page…. I must have entered something incorrectly.Thanks for the correction of my “grand girls”
    I this link might work better… If not …. Oh just thought I can put the picture that is Prompt 8 on the Notice Board so no one will be confused….


      • Hi Ina -….. it’s very strange – maybe something glitchy – because the link you have up is on the Notice Board and works just fine – if you have a sec and the inclination check it out – Thanks for everything!!!

      • Hi Pearl,
        Both the old link and the new one have worked for me on both the blog and the notice board. My guess is that sometimes .htm links cause problems for some browsers. So I’m going to leave the new one up if it’s okay with you.


  3. Andrea, I am very sad that our team is not represented in the Team Directory you posted. We have posted only two poems, but we are still participating. We are The Poetry Writers. We don’t see each other much or communicate, but we are definitely writing!! Please correct this as soon as possible. Thank you.d

    • Barbara – I apologize. It is my fault, not Andrea’s. I must have missedyour team when going down the Notice Board. I will fix it as soon as I am near a computer.
      Thank you for letting me know- Ina

  4. Barbara, I’ll add your name right away but please send info about where you come from and we’ll be glad if you also add some links which describe your place.

  5. Ina, the new link has just as many photos as the old one. Or maybe my browser was able to pick it up. Anyway, I’m sure the photos you chose are fine. I actually live right near the water and can go out and see the harbor anytime I want.:) In the spring and summer we can walk on the boardwalk near our building in a private area and see the birds and wildlife near the shore. Our apt has a marina attached to it so there are always boats around. It is very picturesque.:)

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