11 thoughts on “Prompt Number Seventeen

  1. I’m just kidding. There are no more prompts. I just couldn’t help to have a bit of fun up here where the light is already so much brighter.
    Now the teams can organize their 16 poems according to the 16 prompts so it’s clear what poem responds to Prompt Number One and what poem responds to Prompt Number Two and so on.
    You have until the 31st of January to have your poems created and organized.
    So far there are a lot of good poems and that’s great. There are also lots of smiles and uplifting comments – keep them coming!

  2. Hi Andrea – You did have me going there too – I thought we were going to be able to catch up within the next day or so and then thought … OH NO did I get something so very wrong?! Haha – you did get me on this one! Two of my snowflakes are melting with a fever – as soon as they crystalize again and are ready to twirl we will back up and running.

    Our team has been doing a mixture of the adult writing the poem with words supplied by her team-mates and a poem here and there written by the younger member/s without assistance. I hope that that this arrangement is satisfactory for the challenge. (good time to ask now that all the prompts are in – lol).

    • Pearl, you’re doing great. Your idea with the younger team-mates sending words to you and you creating poems – well, yes, it’s a great idea. If Ina and I should try this again, I will in fact recommend this procedure.
      Here I wish that the other snowflakes will recover soon. Best wishes.

    • Oh, poor dears! I hope that they feel very very much better soon. I think all kinds of different collaborations have been tried in this experiment and it’s been lovely to see all the ways these experiments have come out 😀

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