Monday Coffee

Do you take the blue cup or the red cup of coffee at 7-Eleven?
You might need a Danish to go along, I’d say – especially because “blue” means “right wing” and “red” means “left wing” here in Denmark so I would be pretty confused if I needed a cup of coffee in a 7-Eleven in the US for the time being.

Well, in fact I’d feel pretty odd to order a Danish.

Only for the time being we’re thinking of Sandy and we follow this huge giant, to be honest no one thinks of politics today here. We might drink our coffee, sort of color blind, and we don’t write any poems and we think of Pearl and all the other 400,000 people who had to be evacuated. In fact we think of all the millions of people who are right there.

For the next six hours we hold our breath and wish that people from the New York area (and the rest of the North and East Coast) can drink all the coffees they want, blue or red, tomorrow and have them enjoying all the good wishes from all around the world.


3 thoughts on “Monday Coffee

  1. Andrea, Thank you for the post…it’s nice to know that even people on the other side of the world are thinking of the people over here.

  2. Thanks for your post, Andrea. I know many people from around the country (and obviously the world, as your post reminds us, Andrea) who are praying for peace and protection for the East Coast. I definitely join with them. Be safe, my friends, and hang in there!

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