A Wednesday poem

Here’s a Wednesday poem. It’s inspired by Marie Elena and Walt over at Poetic Bloomings. They have a prompt there, and writing 50 lines like this is just a lovely challenge for me. Please enjoy my attempt. Hopefully it works.

Zero on Life

Why Wednesday
Why not Day Zero
Zero being the nothing
Zero all around me
me on top of all
me only not today
today rings no bells
today’s hardly here
Here’s no sun
here’s only dirty dishes
Dishes everywhere in magazines
Dishes screaming
Screaming silently
screaming endlessly together
Together with cups
cups used of course
cups emptied
Emptied Monday coffee
emptied dreams of days
Days lined up in memory
days of no surrender
Surrender’s no key word
surrender goes with wars
wars killing people
wars on religion
religion being the omen
religion say God
God in various names
God bless them all
All Gods are God
all people is people
People everywhere
people loving
loving love
loving peace
Peace on our doorstep
Peace in our hearts
Hearts of gold
hearts of fire
Fire in colorful flames
fire of deadly destruction
destruction of time
destruction of vast areas
areas covering nations
areas of flowers
Flowers in my hands
flowers providing life
Life of Wednesday
life’s wonderful


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