Sunday Surprise

My good old virtual friend Jacqueline Cardenas is suddenly here.
She posted such a wonderful comment on Poetic Bloomings

(“Poetry is a way to unite“)

and I replied this:

“Jacque, do you remember your poems on Poetic Asides back in 2009? Your poem with a couple who spend their honeymoon in Spain, in a hotel room, in a bed and this husband’s beard grows and grows – and the woman suddenly wonders: “I never knew I married Taliban?”
That is my favorite poem from Poetic Asides 2009.
Sharing humor means the world for me and your way of thinking opens up my mind again and again.”
Now Jacque, I also posted a free submission to you for so now, Jacque, you run along with all the other great poets!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Surprise

  1. Wow! What an honor to wake up on a Sunday morning to a poet’s greeting from across the world. This is not only a remembrance of a piece that it close to my heart, but an invitation to participate on this world’s stage of writers, poets, collaborators and world changers.

    Thank you for bringing us together again via your writing and encouraging and inspiring mine. I am so grateful and humbled by your comments. Today, I write something new.

    • I took part in the 2009 PAD challenge, too. Now I want to go back and find your works so I can say, “Oh, yeah. Jacque. I remember her work.” Did you know that the chapbook challenge is taking place in November at Poetic Asides? Maybe you can join in again. And there is a Poetic Asides group on Facebook if you are on FB.

      • Thank you both–for your words and for the suggestions. I wrote a new poem today and sent it to Amy at The Write Helper. If it weren’t for Andrea and people like you, I probably wouldn’t make the time to write anything. Thank you for the encouragement.

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