Monday coffee: Writers keep writing

I’m amazed to see what a nerve Ina hit.Coffee perculator fountain

“What do you do when your dear ones are being less-than-supportive about writing?”

The strange part is that we tend to tell everyone how those who surround us respond instead of describing what we do. Heartbreaking descriptions pour out, like this from Judith on She Writes: “I was surprised at how many of my friends were not supportive when my novel was optioned for the big screen.  My husband said it was because they were jealous.  I didn’t want to believe him.  I thought good friends were happy for each other when they achieved some success.  My husband’s response was, ‘these were not your good friends.’”

And Dana writes: “Happy to vote on that question.  I’ve had an in-law that wasn’t supportive at all, but then she was never supportive about anything and hence the word ‘had.’  My immediate family, very supportive. This community was incredibly helpful (without really knowing it) during some of the down times.”

So what do we do? We join writing communities.

And what else: It looks like we continue writing.


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