Friday surprise: you, yes you, won!


Coming home from work after a long week of this and that, closing all the doors, hitting the keys, opening favorite blogs and seeing, yes, seeing your name in print.

Someone says you won something?

The Spaniards 240-El PoetaToday, I say that because so many poets won my heart,  I will make this Friday special for:

  • Hana Haatainen Caye
  • Linda Swenski
  • Sharon Ingraham
  • Mariya Koleva
  • Meena Rose
  • Jlynn Sheridan
  • Madeleine Begun Kane
  • Michelle Hed
  • Linda H
  • Pearl Ketover Priilik
  • Dennis Dripps

I offer each of  these poets one free entry each for the poetry contest at!

So if your name is on the list, please go to the website and read more about Amy‘s contest and tell us here within the next week if you want to use your free entry – and if you do, I will contact you and give you a code you must use for your entry.

A month ago I offered a prize of kr. 100 and we ended up honoring two poets and divided the 100 kroner note into two 50 kroner notes. Only I wanted to honor all the poets who came by and supported us and now, that’s what I am doing today (each entry costs 7 dollars and that’s more or less 50 kroner).

Now you 11 poets – now you have a chance of winning prizes of $100, $50, and $25 because that’s what Amy is offering over there for her winners.

Ina and I will be standing out somewhere on the sideline biting our fingernails and now and again cheering: GO, GO, GO!


48 thoughts on “Friday surprise: you, yes you, won!

  1. Thanks Andrea! Delightful idea – I will recheck deadlines again and exercise my entry when I return from a trip to a delivery room where I will joyously welcome the magic of a new baby coming into the world and our family (this Monday).

    • Amy, the worst part is that Ina and I will not be able to read the poems but mind you, we’ll be cheering!
      Ina is a pretty famous cheerleader over in California and she’s getting her stuff ready.

    • Meena, I already had a to face a bit of confusion here but I’m still surprised that I must ask you: Meena, will you need a code?
      And I will need to know your answer tomorrow at the latest – that’s the time limit for getting codes from me.

      • Andrea, Meena is under the weather right now. I’ve left her a message from Ina about this, so we’ll see whether she’s up to doing anything about it. I sure hope so. I’ll remind her again tonight if I haven’t heard from her before then.

        How’s that?

    • I think that you’re a good friend. I hope Meena will look at the website and decide whether or not she will join. The link can be seen above here and Ina also wrote about it last Monday. Give her my regards.

      • Thanks, Andrea. I can’t speak for Meena about joining the site. Only she knows how much more she can take on considering what’s on her plate now. Good luck with all of your endeavors as well. You’re moving out in the world and that’s a marvelous thing.

  2. Hi Andrea and Ina

    SUBMITTED one poem to Amy’s lovely contest. “No Umbrella Needed”. I did not use my code because I could not see where to enter such – I will do so next week when I return from my trip and submit another poem. Thanks again!

    • I just emailed this to you: “Write to the email address that Amy has on her website (amy something white helper) – write directly to that and tell her your code and tell her your contact info.”

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