Extending the Poll! And…


Seriously Bad Pun Alert

The answers are pouring in from (literally) all over the globe. So we decided to extend our poll  on how creative people manage the intersection of the creative life and a social/family life  until Wednesday of next week to give people a chance to chime in.

Many thanks to those of you who’ve already taken the survey – what a fascinating array of approaches, analyses, and resolutions are being discussed! Once everyone who wants to has a chance to votes, we’ll post the results. Look for them late next week.

Oh, and didn’t I say something about kittens?

Kitten Laptop


2 thoughts on “Extending the Poll! And…

  1. Ina, seriously, are we also selling kittens here on our blog?
    Like “little cuties who learnt to keep your keys warm?”
    I love the picture, though, are they yours? The computer, yours?

  2. No, unfortunately my cats are bigger – when the big one decides to sit on the keyboard (which is frequently), you can no longer see the keyboard at all. I promise, no more kittens for a while – or at least until the next time we’re in “waiting” mode.

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