Briefly, Wednesday. And a kitten.

In Our Books is taking the day off. Well, not really, but Ina (that’s me) is in the depths of Ugly Data Analysis Hades (do not get me started) and Andrea is in the basic-services-for-living-aren’t-working-and-don’t-even-ask-about-internet-connectivity Ring of Hell that Dante would have written about if he’d known about it. So this is just a quick hello to our lovely fellow creatives and a reminder to add your input to our poll before we close it on Thursday night, and a promise that we’ll publish poll results on Friday. Oh, and  a kitten.

Stray kitten Rambo001

See you all Friday!


1 thought on “Briefly, Wednesday. And a kitten.

  1. – and a kitten?
    Ina, I haven’t voted yet and the power is actually on here at the moment. Hopefully hundreds of fingers will to we can discover: Do we have a problem here or have we not?

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