Monday coffee: Creatives in their Summer Shoes

Childe Hassam - Summer Sunlight (Isles of Shoals) - Google Art ProjectWow, it’s summer. One minute I’m putting away New Years’ party hats, and the next minute Spring has one foot out the door and that foot’s in a sparkly, beach-worthy sandal. Posted word counts on a favorite writers’ groups are rising as if reaching for the sun; Facebook and Twitter are filled with exuberant verses about newly-fledged orange-throated finches, nights of stars and cicadas, and tip-toes rushing over hot sand.

Eudocimus Ruber Wading KL

InOurBooks is also jumping into summer. We’ve got a special event for the Brighter Light challenge participants. Wednesday connections are in the works; we’ll be posting info on places to send work over the summer. AND we’re fortunate enough to have some unbelievably fun interviews with writers including novelist and Stanford teacher Ellen Sussman and writer Joan Hamilton, courtesy of guest blogger Margaret Young (@MargaretYWrites on Twitter).

But most of all:  we’d love to hear about what you’re planning for your creative life this summer; we’d want to blog about what’s most on your summer-mind. Our poll is below, so put on your favorite summer shoes (even if that’s no shoes!) and let us know what’s upcoming for you! ~ ina

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6 thoughts on “Monday coffee: Creatives in their Summer Shoes

  1. I would vote if I had a clue what my summer plans might be. (and we don’t get done with school here until the end of July). I hope things fall into place that I can get back to a few old projects but things haven’t been going my way lately.

    • Linda – so sorry things are not going your way! I get so frustrated when things are chaotic like that. I hope all goes smoothly soon !

    • Linda – you have so many here who care so much – if there is any way to lighten your load – even by just listening – reach out to waiting arms ❤

      • awwww, thanks. I have been “venting” to a few good friends. Most of it, though, depends on time and things out of my control. I’ve been wanting to shift my writing focus anyway so maybe this break gives me time needed to figure out which direction to go.

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