Friday Surprise: Here We Are!

Here we are!

The 1st of February.

Sunshine and moon

An overwhelming number of wonderful poems and in my case also several new words. Sharon taught me, Andrea, all about a Lazy Boy, so now I know precisely what a Lazy Boy is.

And it explains a lot because years ago someone called themselves Lazyboy and displayed a video with someone who kind of view the life from a Lazy Boy and it’s called the Facts of Life. Lazyboy continued though and sent out this impressive something in around 2004 and it has been one of my favorites ever since. I’d call this poetry – only I’m not quite sure who’d agree. Only this is what I thought of when Sharon writes Lazy Boy:

Lazy Boy!

About Our Brighter Light Challenge – yes, the light is so much brighter now. Ina and I already said that there will be prizes for the best poem and the best collection. Well, in fact the best number one, number two and number three single poems and one prize for the best collection.

During this week-end I’ll go through all the poems and I will likely post something more on Sunday.


11 thoughts on “Friday Surprise: Here We Are!

    • Yes, Linda, but I like this challenge. For instance your poems are so amazing! And Linda, do you remember the prompt you had on Poetic Asides in Nov.12?
      I wrote a poem about McDonald’s – food – in response to your prompt, only back then I couldn’t remember what inspired me. And then suddenly Sharon’s description of a Lazy Boy (and your comments) helped me back to remember what actually was the core of the inspiration. Images are so amazing and also how we develop them. What impressions stay and what don’t. Well, I can tell you that you and your daughter created some really good lasting poems here and I am looking forward to read them all one more time, no probably two or more. I will judge the teams who have entire collections on Sunday.

      • I always find working with a prompt difficult…at first. Either I have no idea or too many. Then I start to write and it all goes wrong. But somewhere in that process (about half the time) a little light goes on at some point and then I am off and running. Afterwards I think, “Gee, that wasn’t so hard.” Sometimes I am pleased with the outcomes, sometimes not. The important thing is that I’ve written something and it’s a start. Katarina was great with helping to generate ideas.

  1. Wow – I’ve never seen that before – it is truly amazing … just for your info, or trivia facts collection- whatever, the “LazyBoy” brand is making a comeback of sorts (I don’t think it ever really went away, just not advertised much) but right now, Brooke Shields is their spokes-person – in any case, here’s a link to their site for anyone interested …

  2. We only have 5 poems done. Sorry, it’s been hard when I only see him once a week:) Can we continue to post so we can catch up? Or are you taking down The Notice Board?

    It has been a lot of fun either way! Great thought-provoking prompts!!

    • Barbara, we do not take The Notice Board down so yes, you can continue to post your poems. Only during this week-end I will be shortlisting the poems which will go forward for the best poems prizes.

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