Today is Ina’s birthday

Here’s an extraordinary extra January prompt composed for an extraordinary poet sitting over on the West coast of America.
She just wrote an extraordinary wonderful post yesterday, – go there and enjoy.
“Music made of Words,” she says and here is the music, I, Andrea, sort of lacked today.

Happy birthday, Ina.
But where are the words? Please help me!
Please post a birthday poem here in the comments for Ina or just say happy birthday there.


40 thoughts on “Today is Ina’s birthday

  1. Wonder where Birthday Girl’s hiding today?
    Wonder if there is a birthday buffet?
    “We weren’t invited?” I ask with dismay,
    “No cake to prime up my teeth for decay?”
    Wherever, whatever treats she is eating,
    Lunching and munching and crunching and “cheating,”
    Hoping the Birthday Girl’s not in a meeting,
    Birthday Girl, come out to play!
    (By Marie Elena Good)

    Happy birthday, Ina! Hope it is GRAND!

  2. Hey Ina, Happy birthday! Wishing you many happy returns of the day, joy and smiles, love and fulfillment.
    PS, I spent two successive nights on the bus, so, no real power for rhyming 🙂


    Yeah, all the birthdays we’ve forgotten,
    all the days, a lot a them,
    but here today the sun is shining
    and here I’m lining
    to help you not forget this day,
    this particular day, I might say.
    This for your poetry lesson
    outside there is a pheasant,

  4. Ina is having a birthday you say? No way.
    Ina is having a birthday today! Lets play!
    Ina is having a birthday today, they say.
    Ina is having a birthday, not looking older a day!!!

    Happy Happy Birthday Poet friend. Have a blessed year.

  5. Let there be cake!
    Let there be cake!
    Let there be frosting and sprinkles, I thinkles.
    Let there be cake!
    Let there be cake!
    Let there be loved ones and throngs of songs.
    Let there be cake!
    Let there be cake!
    Let there be presents and tons of fun.
                    (Hopefully better than this one.) 😉

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Ina.
    Wishing you a perfectly poetical day.

  6. Happy Birthday Ina!!! Hope you are having a spectacular day!

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    may you toast with a good brew
    and perhaps write a poem or two!!
    Happy birthday to you!

  7. Oh, Andrea, thank you so much! This is so kind! And thank you to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes – getting birthday wishes from writers is really remarkable – I love it and I can hear you all singing? Thank you!

  8. Play the music and show the pictures
    She always knows how to inspire the
    words that will come as you gaze at her
    incongruous experiences and dig deep
    inside for the poetry hidden below the

    She is the font of the fountain of this
    untapped gush of verse as it spills
    over the pages and into the minds
    of the readers here and elsewhere
    She is the seed of all that is yet to come

    And I celebrate her talent and her zest for life
    For she is the one who has opened up poetry
    to all and now has given a voice to the voiceless

    Happy Birthday, Ina!!! My student Raybert, who is not here, also wishes you the same!!!
    Hope your birthday is happy and you have lots of cake and fun!!!
    May you get all you wish for and more!!!

  9. Alles gute zum Geburtstag,
    I wish you a wonderful day.
    I hope that it is the very best,
    most perfect, awesome birthday.

    Okay, that was lame. But I have only a minute online and it’s better than nothing. Right? I hope your day is perfect, Ina. May it be surrounded by those you love and love you and may it be filled with laughs and smiles and fun. (and cake…gotta have cake)


    • No, that was LOVELYI! Thank you – my German is VERY rusty so I’m glad you included a phrase I can actually still read! And yes, cake! My spouse brought cake!

  10. For Ina …..

    She walks in worlds
    of intellect
    of science
    and sense
    with passion
    and compassion
    and poetry
    She walks in worlds
    concrete and tangible
    created and ephemeral
    Understanding that
    there is little difference
    after all …
    She is Ina
    once an essence
    floating on energy
    waiting to arrive
    on this January
    day …


    • I’m so glad you were vacationing that day! I wish that everyone got to give people vacations to celebrate their birthdays – I would have given one to every person on this board 🙂

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