6 thoughts on “Prompt Number Three!

  1. She stares out from the kitchen
    searching for words that only form
    in the silences between here and there
    little valleys of space while driving
    cannot be captured

    She sees mountains
    laundry, toys, artwork, books
    television singing away all the words
    light like snowflakes on the tongue and quickly
    melt away

    Reverberating chaos swirls ’round
    moves with her from room to room
    until the noise becomes a deafening block
    of nothing and time slows to a still

    For only the opening of a sweet little brown
    feminine hand reaches through and touches her lips
    like the last slice of ripe mango
    only this can break through the tornado of lost
    thoughts, words, stories, and jumbled pieces of her.

    The tiny voice inside, quiet again.
    Listening to the tiny voice outside
    smiling, always smiling at her mother
    since the day she came home.

  2. Here I let this beautiful poem stay and shine.
    I have written to Jacqueline about our Brighter Light Challenge – this way of doing things is new to most of us.
    I hope my friend Jacqueline will join us. No doubt she can form a wonderful team.
    And again to Jacqueline – wonderful, wonderful poem of yours. Here I let it shine.

    • Oh…I see. I did not receive anything about Brighter Light except what you wrote here. I understand now after scrolling down and reading more. For some reason, I am not receiving your posts. I’m sorry for my unsolicited poem–but not. As always, you get me writing, and for that I am thankful. Wonderful prompt. I wish you all the best of luck in the challenge, and thank you for allowing me to get the words out here today.

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