Prompt Number One!

Happy New Year!

I can hardly wait and hopefully the teams are ready.

Firstly a bit of help, maybe:

I have a virtual tool box when I head for writing poetry. It might help you so here it is:
The poetry archive website has kind of dictionaries to the right so if for instance you need to know what “a sonnet” is then just press “s” and then “a sonnet” will be there and you can read the description of sonnets – and don’t worry, there will be no specific forms requested here.

If you didn’t read through the wonderful comments and links on please do it. Look up the links and learn about all those places where we come from.
I, Andrea, created prompts inspired by the links – but I only went out there and took what inspired me and what inspired me was a foundation for a good team work doing poetry. So here we go.
And who are we?
We are:

“The Seasons”
“Sunshine Elves”
“The Yellow Ninja”
“The Brothers Dragonosaurus”
“The Erie Dearies”
“The Sparkly Snowflakes”
“The Chain Letters”
“The Vikings”
“The Awesome Earworms”
“The Alabama Tar Heels”

– and maybe some 2 or 3 more.

Now to our first prompt:

Prompt Number One!

What are we looking at?
Steven Bay in California caught a great moment here. H.C. Andersen caught some in The Ugly Duckling.
“The Seasons” were out here, too.
What poem does this picture inspire you to write?


6 thoughts on “Prompt Number One!

  1. Okay, Marie, I admit I’ve been winging it too at first – no pun intended on those exquisite birds !
    I was not sure if we needed to create a blog for our poems –

    However, my understanding is that our poems should be posted right here on the thread that was created for us. So just look for Eerie Dearies and post your poem when Sophie gives it to you (she’s just that bright!)…

    There is one poem up, but hmmm now I don’t know how I did find it!
    Happy New Year

    • No, there are actually two. Both the Sunshine Elves and The Icicles have posted their poems already.
      We require no blogs.
      Just go to the Notice Board on the main site and find your space and post your poem there.

      And here I copy and paste Ina’s words again because the children don’t need to write the poetry. Someone in the team writes the poem – that’s all.

      Please see this again:
      Your child team member doesn’t have to write poetry, or even write at all! You can make this a full-on collaboration, you can follow your baby around and listen to them name objects and use their words as their prompt, you can do what I used to do and pick out their choicest sentences and make found poetry from them – it’s up to you! Many of us have kids in our lives who will be active collaborators, but a wide variety of options is available to your team – just choose how your team would like to work, or vary it from day to day!

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