Monday coffee: In which I celebrate many things

My family celebrates a lot of winter holidays.We’re pretty muchPopof in celebratory mode from November 1st until January 2nd. After which, I spend the next few weeks putting away candles, sweeping up the confetti and  trying to remember where I’ve put the spare keys.

We celebrate the U.S. Thanksgiving, Diwali, Chanukah,Christmas and the New Year. I used to celebrate both Kwanzaa and Yule, but the loved ones for whom these were special holidays now live far away so I can’t celebrate with them except in thought.

Today I have something new to celebrate. Remember the Burning the Midnight Oil contest which Andrea helped so many of us enter? While people were submitting their poems, Andrea showed me a poem she’d written and was thinking about submitting. I cried a little when I read it – poems about the realities of war always make me sad and this poem is vivid, short, and ends with – well, a short line that just tried to tear my heart right out of my chest.

I am so delighted that her poem “The Grass is Green” won*.

This also delights me: the top 10 poems and the hon. mentions included a lot of people who hang out with us at this blog, including (but not limited to, and please forgive me if I missed your name) Linda Hofke, Sara McNulty, SE Ingraham, and Mariya Koleva.

To celebrate the gift of others’ voices is something I find myself wanting to do more and more often. I wonder if, as one writes more and more, one appreciates the good writing (the good reading!)  of others more. Regardless, congratulations to Andrea and to the others in the contest : what a  lovely way to head toward a new year ~ ina
Cone and holly

*I am waiting to hear if Andrea’s poem will be posted at Write Helper. If not, I will certainly ask her if i can share it here.


4 thoughts on “Monday coffee: In which I celebrate many things

  1. Here in Ohio it is almost noon of Christmas morning. Many homes are littered with wrappings of all colors and designs. People are admiring the contents of the wrapping paper and saying “Thank You” and other nice things to the people around them. To all the people who do not have people around them, I would like to remind them that all kinds of good wishes are heading in their direction, even if they can’t hear them. In spite of all the terrible things happening in the world there is still love, Love for the dispossessed and lonely, love for the lost and those who never had a chance.
    I would like to express my love for all my writing friends, all over this imperfect world.
    Marian Veverka

  2. Thank you Ina. I was very surprised and so was Amy, I guess. I didn’t write “a war poem” though. I wrote a veteran poem according to the prompt by someone from Poetic Asides and it was very difficult because “a veteran poem” must also be about how you survive. And in this poem I meant to say that the soldier survived. I let him direct his thoughts right – I felt.

  3. And – here I say congratulations to the other winners and yes, hopefully we all had a great time celebrating, well, being with the ones we love, good food and gifts.
    Yes —

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