Wednesday Connections of a Different Kind

People are so kind.

Every once in a while – usually when I’m driving on Black Friday – I forget that and get very grumpy with all of Homo sapiens. I think about running off to some jungle and eating fruit with the apes. Then I remember that I don’t like mosquitoes, I can’t eat fruit, and my insulin pump depends on my occasionally being near civilization. So I sit and sulk.

Until someone reminds me that, yeah, as a group H. sapiens is pretty amazing, and I should try to live up to my species.

sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award11One heaping cupful of kindness comes from the lovely Dr. Pearl Ketover Pritik, who has nominated me for a blogging award (the  Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award) and added us to a blogging chain called “The Next Big Thing.” Thank you, Pearl, for nominating me and check out her answers for the Next Big Thing! Big hug!

But wait! There’s more: Andrea has been awarded a Leibster award – from lovely Sara McNulty, she of the purple pen of Portland.

Because this blog is a joint effort, I am going to answer the questions for The Sisterhood award and Andrea post her answers for the Next Big Thing chain and announce the Leibster.

The Sisterhood award wants me to tell you 7 totally random things about me. So this is about as random as it gets:

  1. My brother and I are not twins, but we have identical birthmarks on our necks
  2. There are three states I haven’t lived in: Montana, Hawaii, and Alaska
  3. I have reverse SAD. I’m a completely different person when it’s foggy or raining – perky, cheerful, giggly.
  4. I don’t have a bucket list. I have an anti-bucket list : things that I will never get to do before I kick the bucket (e.g. have an affair with Heath Ledger/Louis Armstrong /Gene Kelly – I’m married and he’s dead).
  5. I was named after a friend of my mother’s who disappeared shortly after I was born
  6. I find plants and fungi eerie- and the more I learn about them, the weirder I find them.
  7. I modeled for some national magazines. In one of them, I’m wearing electrodes on my scalp.

And now, 7 nominations for bloggers for the Sisterhood:

There were a number of other people I would have loved to have named but some of you are guys (sorry guys!) and many of you have been nominated by others…please know that we were thinking of you!


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Connections of a Different Kind

  1. Great post. How interesting about the matching birthmarks. I am not surprised about the modeling. You are beautiful.

    I was nominated by Sharon and still need to do my post. Yikes! Will need to do that Friday. I enjoyed reading yours.

    • Linda, talk about being kind! Thank you for the kind words! I can’t wait to read your 7 – it’s the best thing about this blog chain is getting to know the “other” things about people 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Sharon! You wouldn’t believe all the people who were just lovely when alive that I missed my chance on – the list is huge! 🙂

  2. Ina – so much fun to read your list – and can’t wait to hear from Andrea as well. I enjoyed your intro – we have some things in common – often I think of just returning to the Caribbean island and sitting in a little house – ALONE – and then some kindness will reach inside and grab my soul and give it a shake and a hug and I smile. You’ve given me one of those smiles. Have a goodnight 🙂

    • Pearl, I really owe you…I was in the worst mood when I was catching up on email when amidst the complainy-student-grumpy-client-spammy-whammy emails I found yours and almost popped with happiness and relief! Bless you – ina

    • Marie Elena, no, thank you for the lovely forum you provide for poets everywhere (and Walt too We really need to start a Brother’s Auxilliary!) I don’t write at PB, but I lurk a lot and love reading the many sprouts that appear there. Can’t wait to read your answers 🙂

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  4. Oh, Ina – thanks a lot! So sorry I have missed the post and the award… it’s really embarrassing.
    i really liked your list, I did a similar one earlier this year, and remember I had great fun. I still have to think of my new list, though 🙂
    Thank you again! I’m happy and honoured to be in such a worthy company.

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