Friday Surprise

Hana just told me – Andrea – on FB that she entered the Midnight Oil poetry contest and that’s just great.
Some time ago, back in October, Amy who holds the contest, wrote to me because only so few poets had sent poems to her for her contest – only I didn’t have any poems that Amy hadn’t seen so I couldn’t submit any.
Instead I paid for some possible entries so I could offer free entries to poets who sent poems to our blog including one very special poet who once wrote an incredible poem on Poetic Asides.
And the poets sent their poems to Amy, she extended her deadline, she got some more poems and Amy was happy.
That was when I realized that I had two poems written here in November that Amy hadn’t seen.
I submitted them yesterday.
So here we go!


8 thoughts on “Friday Surprise

    • Marilyn, Ina and I held a contest once where our blog readers could win 100 kroner for a winning entry here- and we had two winners. Then later I paid for free entries to all the poets who submitted poems so everyone who submitted something to InOurBooks kind of had a second chance but with a firm called The Write Helper.
      Amy is the editor on and she’s also my editor. Her deadline was yesterday, sorry.
      Ina and I are planning to have more contests but just now it’s November and we’re both so busy.
      But Marilyn, there will be another day. Your poems are wonderful and you’re so welcome here.

    • Yes, we promise there will be other contests Misky! And you may want to check out Amy’s site, They regularly publish great advice (I entered the contest through Andrea’s generosity, and now am just a fan of the site). But with NovPAD and Nanowrimo, so many people are busy that we’d like to wait until everyone has time to enjoy a new contest.

  1. Yes, here we go 🙂 I still think, Andrea, that I didn’t submit the best possible choice, but who knows what and which is best…
    So, here we go 🙂

    I use this comment to thank you again for the chance!

    • Mariya, as I’ve gotten to know you, I’ve noticed that sometimes you underrate your writing. I haven’t read anything by you where I’ve wanted to roll my eyes – I imagine even if you didn’t think it was “best” it was pretty darned good.

  2. Reading your comments today, I can say that I am eager to start reading these wonderful poems! It’s so encouraging to stop by “inourbooks” to “visit” with you all. I always feel so welcome here!

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