Monday coffee: So, remember that horse?

Remember how, last Monday, we were chatting over a cuppa about places that could help you get your work Out CoffeeFruitsShowThere ? You know, to readers? Well, if you were feeling inspired by that, one of my favorite poetic voices (the lovely Khara House) is running

The October Submit-O-Rama!

What, you ask, is a Submit-O-Rama? It’s a chance to choose a pace at which to submit your work through the course of the month. There are options from the Basic challenge (submitting  three times a week) to the Uber (30 times in the month!), with a lot of options in between.

By Zz1y (gustavo alegrias) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This is a great opportunity for people who need either company or healthy competition to get back on the “submission horse.” Nice group support, and you can let other people’s success motivate you, if you’re so inclined.

If you’re the type (and many of us are, for reasons of life style, emotional security, or schedule) who prefers engaging in the publication process within a private space , this may not be the event for you. Otherwise, consider heading over to Khara’s blog to check out the options! You may even see one of us there 🙂


7 thoughts on “Monday coffee: So, remember that horse?

  1. Take heart, Ina. I’m going in, with water-wings just in case drowning looks imminent. You could do at least one a week, I’m sure. We’re talking a few poems, one piece of short fiction, etc.

    But if not, you can cheer us on from the sidelines and get out those pom-poms you’re been hiding in the bedroom closet.

    • Okay, Claudsy, I’m in! I decided that I’d rather try and fail than sit on the side-lines waiting till everyone tells me the water’s warm enough – the heck with that! Besides, I look too much like a pompom myself to carry them 🙂

      • You mind! I’m in the boat, too, along with a couple of other hundred poets, so yes, this needs a lot of paddling! Can you hear me singing: “Row, row, row your boat!”

      • We’re in a really big boat, my friend. In for the ride, in for the work, in for the fun. That’s us; just a bunch of fun seekers out for a holiday.

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